Mrs. Fisher’s First Grade, Willshire, 1958-59

Just a week ago I was hoping to find an old school photo. And today, here it is–the other Willshire first grade class photo.

I was looking for the classroom photo of Mrs. Fisher’s first grade, 1958-59, to see what the other half of our class looked like all those years ago.

Even after 57 years I still recognize all the faces. We really haven’t changed all that much.

Mrs. Mildred Fisher's first grade class, 1958-59, Willshire Public School.

Mrs. Mildred Fisher’s first grade class, 1958-59, Willshire Public School

A big thank you to a former classmate who kindly shared this photo with me.

We had two first grade classes that year and I was in Mrs. Clouse’s class. Both classes had these classroom photos taken but I don’t know if I ever saw this one of Mrs. Fisher’s class. We were joined as one class in the second grade and we had another classroom photo taken that year. I posted the other two photos in last week’s post.

Reading front to back, starting with row closest to the camera:
Row 1: Kenny Carmean, Debbie Carr, Sherry Hey, Terry Harmon
Row 2: Nelda Leistner, Sue Wolfe, Charles Putman, Brent Whitacre, Carla Hoblet
Row 3: Lynn Lough, Carol Andrews, Jim Stuckey, Helen Boring, Paula Clouse
Row 4: Joyce Roehm, Bill Bates, Linda Duff, Gary Hamrick
Mrs. Mildred Fisher is seated at the back of the room.

There are 17 students in this photo while there were 19 in the photo of Mrs. Clouse’s class.

Mrs. Fisher’s first grade class had four Chattanooga kids, just like Mrs. Clouse’s class: Debbie Carr, Nelda Leistner, Carla Hoblet, and Carol Andrews.

I mentioned Mildred Fisher in a Tombstone Tuesday post a few weeks ago, a post about her parents, Jacob A. and Emma E. (Heffner) Bauer. Her mother’s side of the family came from Chatt.

Mildred Bauer married John Fisher and after he passed away in 1973 she married Donald E. Whitmore. Mildred passed away in 2001. Her obituary mentioned that she taught in Chattanooga, Willshire, Rockford, and Celina schools.

Our class was the Parkway graduating class of 1970 and this year we will have our 45th class reunion. It is fun to look at these old photos and remember all the good times we had.

I wish they would have continued taking these class photos all through our school years, but I believe these are the only three taken of our class at Willshire. I wonder if any were taken at Rockford?


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    1. Thanks! Enjoyed seeing the photo. Thanks for sending it.

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