Downtown Willshire, c1940-50

Today, a couple old photos of downtown Willshire, probably taken in the 1940s or 1950s, from the looks of the cars.

I believe the first photo is looking north on the U.S. 33, looking at the west side of the street. Someone probably knows for sure, so please let me know if that is incorrect.

Willshire, Ohio, c1940-50

I can make out the signs on several businesses: __uland Hardware; Willshire Variety Store, Dry Goods, Notions & Candy; and Town ___ Restaurant, with words Town and Lunch on the window. There are two more signs farther down the street but I can’t make them out. There is an awning on another building farther down the block.

I remember shopping for fabric in the Willshire Variety Store when I was about 10 or 12 and I remember the store being in that location then. I liked to sew and they had a nice selection of fabric. Actually, they had a lot of items in the Variety Store.

I believe the next photo was taken farther north on U.S. 33, at the main intersection, where the traffic light is today, looking northwest. It appears that the large brick building is the same building that is on the far right of the first photo and would be on the northwest corner of the intersection. The arched entry and windows match those in the other photo.

Willshire, Ohio, c1940-50

There is a Philgas sign hanging on the right side of the large brick building and a large painted Chew Mail Pouch ad on the same side. There are a couple other signs and printing on other windows, but they are too small to read.

A man is standing in the doorway of the small white building on the left. He is wearing a hat and what looks like work clothes and is holding something in his hands.  

Willshire looked to be a bustling town with a nice downtown area. Although there have been changes over the years, the town looks similar today, with business, shopping, and dining opportunities.

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