Tombstone Tuesday-Music Symbols

Music has been popular for centuries. Music is mentioned in the early books of the Bible and music is still near and dear to many people. So it is no surprise that people would incorporate musical symbols on their tombstones.

Often the deceased played the musical instrument that is inscribed on their tombstone. 

Organ, West Lawn Cemetery, Baltic, Ohio

Guitar, Fairview Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio

Piano, North Grove Cemetery, Celina, Ohio

Perhaps musical notes indicate a singer.  Or that the person simply enjoyed music.

Musical notes, West Lawn Cemetery, Baltic, Ohio

Musical notes and an Ohio State fan, West Lawn Cemetery, Baltic, Ohio

A lyre or harp is a symbol of heavenly music.

Lyre Symbol, Greenlawn Cemetery, Wapakoneta, Ohio

St. Joseph Cemetery, Auglaize County, Ohio. (2013 photo by Karen)


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