Merkles and Heffners of Chatt

Today, a few more Merkle and Heffner photos, courtesy of Doug Roebuck.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the children of Joseph and Lucinda (Kantner) Merkle.

Joseph Merkle (1835-1901), born in Germany, and in 1860 married Lucinda Kantner (1843-1919). Joseph and Lucinda Merkle moved from Auglaize County to Chattanooga about 1872. Joseph worked as a blacksmith in Chatt and Lucinda ran a boarding house there. Their family attended Zion Lutheran Church in Chatt.

One of their nine children, Anna Merkle (1867-1935), married Fred Heffner (1861-1918) at Zion Chatt in 1885. Fred was the son of George and Sophia (Martin) Heffner.

Anna (Merkle) Heffner, wife of Fred Heffner. Photo courtesy of Doug Roebuck.

Fred Heffner resided in Chatt most of his life and ran a saloon there for several years. They had nine children: George “Rudolph,” Albert Conrad, Emma Elizabeth (m. Jacob A. Bauer), Walter Herbert, Fredrich Oscar ”Brownie”, Maria Helena, Roman Edward, Verla “Marguerite” (m. William “Curt” Roebuck), and Vernon Hugo “Cy.” Fred and Anna Heffner are buried in Zion Chatt’s cemetery, and a number of their family as well. 

Here is a photo of the Fred and Anna (Merkle) Heffner family:

Fred Heffner family. Front: Marguerite, Fredrick, Vernon, Anna, Emma. Back: Roman, Rudolph, Herbert, Albert, Oscar.

Below is a four generation photo of Lucinda (Kantner) Merkle, her daughter Anna (Merkle) Heffner (1867-1935), Anna’s daughter Emma (Heffner) Bauer (1890-1938), and Emma’s daughter Mildred (Bauer) Fisher (1908-2001).

Merkle, Heffner, Bauer, Fisher 4 generation photo. Photo courtesy of Doug Roebuck.

Fred and Anna (Merkle) Heffner’s son Vernon Hugo “Cy” (1905-1987) married Carmella Bury (1911-1978). In 1980, widower Cy Heffner married Mary Wilma (Zeigler) Lewis (1909-2000). Cy and Carmella are buried in Zion Chatt’s cemetery.

Vernon “Cy” Heffner & wife Carmella Bury. Photo of courtesy of Doug Roebuck.

Cy Heffner and his brother Oscar “Brownie” (1896-1956) ran a filling station/auto repair business in Mendon. Cy ran the filling station for 25 years and also owned and trained standard breed horses. He was known for his patience, knowledge, strict training schedule, and dedication, training at Spring Garden Ranch, Florida, and Greenville and Celina, Ohio. His most successful horse was the pacer Rocky Win and his most prestigious win was at the Ohio State Fair in 1957.

Cy’s brother Brownie Heffner was a veteran of WWI and married Lillian Kinkley in 1921 and later married Dorothy Evelyn Patton in 1946. Brownie is buried in Zion Chatt’s cemetery.

Below is a photo of Cy Heffner and his sister Verla “Marguerite” Heffner (1902-1970). Marguerite was married to William “Curt” Roebuck (1899-1975).

Cy Heffner and his sister Marguerite (Heffner) Roebuck. Photo courtesy of Doug Roebuck.

Again, thanks to Doug Roebuck for sharing his family photos and information.

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