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Good Friday 2024

Today is Good Friday, remembering the day Jesus suffered and died on the cross for us.

Tombstone Tuesday-Grange Symbol

We were going through a cemetery a couple weeks ago and Joe noticed this unusual symbol on a tombstone. I knew this inscription was out there on some tombstone somewhere, but I had never come across one before. The P of H on the inscription gave it away.

Tombstone Tuesday-Marriage Symbol

A couple’s marriage date is often inscribed on their tombstone with a marriage symbol.

Tombstone Tuesday-Good Shepherd Engraving

The Good Shepherd engraving, St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Preble, Indiana.

This tombstone engraving is one that is immediately recognizable by Christians. Jesus is often referred to as the Good Shepherd and is called a shepherd several times in the Bible.

Tombstone Tuesday-Daffodil Symbol

Daffodils, also called narcissus or jonquils, symbolize rebirth, new life, resurrection, new beginnings, hope, and love.