Goldsby Alaska Bennett, Center Public School Teacher, 1905

A few months ago I wrote about Joe’s great-uncle, Goldsby “Alaska” Bennett, who was enumerated as a schoolteacher in Black Creek Township and in Franklin Township, Mercer County, in 1900. [1] He was enumerated twice in that census, which is rather unusual.

Goldsby “Alaska” Bennett

Alaska taught a few more years in Mercer County. I recently got a copy of the 1905 Souvenir book for Center Public School, Franklin Township, Mercer County, where Alaska Bennett was the teacher. There is a nice photo of Alaska on the front.

1905 Souvenir Book, Center Public School, Franklin Township, G.A. Bennett, teacher.

Whoever wrote his name on the front apparently used the abbreviated version of Alaska.

1905 Souvenir Book, Center Public School, Franklin Township, G.A. Bennett, teacher.

Written inside:

Public School
Special District
Franklin Twp, Mercer County, Ohio
G.A. Bennett, Teacher

Nellie Clevenger
Lizzie Clevenger
Ethel Frank
Lulu Preston
Mabe Ballinger
Blanche Harrison
Mabel Harrison
Edith Mosier
Eunice Kittle
Lura Frank
Cecil Frank
Clarence Frank
Carl Miller
Paul Miller
Ray Snider
Louis Kittle
Dale Sheeley
James Goodnick
Harry Servis
Bessie Goodnick
Elsie Sheeley
Clifford Gray
Lewis Newland
Hazzle Clevenger
Flavilla Frank
Alta Lyons
Elma Hole
Electra Ballinger
Caroline Harrison
Mirtie Mosier
Jessie Kittle
Cecil Kittle
Earl Frank
Worley Frank
Lawrence Frank
Park Miller
Harold Snider
William Kittle
Frank Kittle
Earl Sheeley
Forest Ballinger
Charles Servis
Flossie Harrison
Albert Harrison
Leroy Newland
Willie Newland

School Board
Irvin Hole
Philip Servis
H.B. Bennett
J.W. Harrison
John Lyons

One of the School Board members was H.B. Bennett, Alaska’s father.

Alaska didn’t have to go far to teach at Center School. Center School was on the edge of his father Henry Brandenburg’s land, northeast of Montezuma. Henry had some nice lake-shore property.

Center School and Henry B Bennett land, 1900 map, Franklin Township, Mercer County, Ohio.

Goldsby “Alaska” Bennett was born in Mercer County on 27 November 1878, the fourth child, the second son of Henry Brandenburg and Sarah Maria (Milligan) Bennett. He grew up near Montezuma, became a teacher and taught for several terms.

Alaska Bennett married Ida Ellen Monroe (1883-1967) on 27 March 1910 in Mercer County and they moved to a farm in Paulding County, Ohio. There he farmed, served as the school board clerk, and was a founder of the Oakwood Telephone Company and the Oakwood Oil Company.

Alaska Bennett died on his 75th birthday, 27 November 1953. His widow Ida died 13 December 1967.

Alaska Bennett had the following siblings:
Nevada B. Bennett (1865-1925), married John J. Beauchamp
Dakota T. Bennett (1868-1936), married Anna Manning
Minnesota Bennett (1873-1953), married James Austin Drumm
Arizona Landon Bennett (1881-1961), married Orla Yancy
Delaware Samuel Bennett (1884-1937), married Mattie Evelyn Yeaton
Vermont H. Bennett (1886-1964), married Lura Vivian Monroe; married Mattie Evelyn (Yeaton) Bennett

[1] Goldsby Alaska Bennett, Black Creek Teacher in 1900 , Karen’s Chatt, 6 Oct 2023.


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    His father must have really liked geography to name his children after states. Very unusual names!

    1. Unusual names for sure. I wish I knew why he picked those names. Liking geography is a good possibility. Thanks for writing!

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