Two Liberty Township Bands, 1923-35

Today, photos of Mercer County’s Liberty Township Band (1923-26) and the Liberty League Orchestra (1935). And best of all, most of the musicians in these photos have been identified.

Liberty Band, 1923-26:

Liberty Township Band, 1923-26

In the photo, left to right.
Standing: ?, ?, Jacob Kable, Bill Kable, Charles Weitz, ?
Seated: ?, Lou Brehm, Sim Egger, ?, Bred Weitz
Front: John Brehm, ?

Liberty League Orchestra, 1935, left to right. I apologize for the quality of the image.

Liberty League Orchestra 1935

Standing: Fred Weitz, Lawrence Maury, Walter Maurer, Edward Maurer, Rudolph Kable, Jacob Kable
Front: August Weitz, Marcella Weinman

I wonder if the bands played at local July 4th events.

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