Real Daughters

At a recent DAR meeting we discussed the restoration of the grave-site of a Real Daughter. A Real Daughter is the daughter of a Revolutionary War soldier or patriot.

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

Some Real Daughters were alive in 1890 to join the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) when the organization was established.  More than 700 Real Daughters were DAR members and they are referred to as Real DAR Daughters.

I descend from a Real Daughter, Mary Whiteman, a daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Christian Whiteman (1862-1827). In fact, every generation in my DAR application but one was through a woman, a daughter of the previous generation. My dad was the exception.

My application went as follows:
Herbert Miller
Gertrude (Brewster) Miller
Pearl (Reid) Brewster
Emily (Bryan) Reid
Hannah (Huey) Bryan
Mary (Whiteman) Huey
Christian Whiteman   

My Revolutionary War ancestor Christian Whiteman had 4 daughters:

Sarah Whiteman (c1796-1880), married Nathan Huey; married Charles Welch
Elizabeth Whiteman (1880-1854), married Jacob Ekelberry
Mary Whiteman (1810-1855), married Isaac Huey
Anna Whiteman (1811-1838), never married

Christian’s daughter Sarah was from his first marriage to Catherine Greiner (1758-1796). Christian’s other three daughters were from his marriage to Hannah (Huey) (1773-1850).

Two of Christian’s daughters, Mary and Anna, are buried in Pingry Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana.

Mary (Whiteman) Huey, Pingry Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana

Anna Whiteman, Pingry Cemetery, Jay County, Indiana

Daughter Elizabeth is buried in Cheshire Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio, the same cemetery where her mother Hannah is buried.

Daughter Sarah’s burial site is not known.

Christian is buried in Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio.

Unfortunately, none of Christian Whiteman’s daughters lived long enough to be Real DAR Daughters.

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