Philip Schumm Home, 1913

This is a nice 1913 photo postcard of the Philip Schumm home, near Rockford.

Philip Schumm farm, Rockford, Ohio, 1913 picture postcard.

The photo side of the postcard is labeled, A Country Home Rockford, O-A-27

Also hand-written on at the top of that side is “Uncle Philip Home,” likely written by the recipient, Edna Germann.

The postcard is postmarked Rockford, Ohio, Aug 18, 1913 and addressed to:

Miss Edna German
RR No 2
Ohio (To S.E. German)

Dear Edna
We want you folks all to have supper with us at the picnic next Thursday Aug. 21st. Be sure and come.
With love, Leona

1913 picture postcard from Leona Schumm to Edna Germann.

The postcard was written by Leona Barbara (Schumm) Schumm (1877-1958), the wife of Philip Schumm (1882-1968). It was sent to Philip’s niece Edna German (1896-2001).

The family relationship: Edna Germann’s mother, Anna Elizabeth “Rosina” (Schumm) Germann (1868-1954), was Philip Schumm’s older sister and Rosina was married to Stephen E. Germann (1870-1962). Philip and Rosina Schumm were the children of Jacob “Frederick” (1839-1927) and Maria (Germann) Schumm (1847-1915).

Philip and Leona Schumm married in 1907 but I am not sure where the Philip Schumm farm was located in 1913. The 1910 census indicates they were living on “Schumm Pike” in Black Creek Township. An old Rockford survey document shows that Route 33 going out of Rockford was once called Schumm Pike, named because the roadway ran through Schumm properties in that section of Dublin and Black Creek Townships, on Indian reserves.

I am guessing the house on the postcard was on Route 33, west of Township Line Road, and that this photo was taken looking westward. The road appears unpaved and rough but there are a number of utility poles along the side of the road and a couple more houses farther down the road. Considering the number of houses and utility poles, this looks like an important roadway.

Was this the same location where Philip Schumm’s daughter Velma lived in her later years? Her brick house was built in 1925. Did that brick home replace the frame house seen in the postcard? I would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of this farm’s location.

The barn in the photo looks fairly new and may hold another clue. The words MAPLEWOOD FARMS are painted on the side of the barn. There are a couple more words above that, perhaps a name, but I cannot make out those words.

Barn on Philip Schumm farm, 1913, “Maplewood Farms”

Philip and Leona (Schumm) Schumm had four daughters:
Maria Schumm (1908-2003), married Erwin Fuelling
Emma Schumm (1911-2017), married Otto Boerger
Velma Schumm (1914-2016)
Anna Katharine “Kate” Schumm (1917-2014), married Arthur Bischoff

Edna Germann, the recipient of the postcard, never married. She had three siblings:
Lester Germann (1894-1894)
Viola Germann (1900-2001)
Wilbert Germann (1905-1972), married Rosalie Little


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    • Frederick Scott on September 1, 2023 at 10:30 am
    • Reply

    Looks like “Phillip C Schumm” above Maplewood Farms”

    1. It is so hard to read, but I am now thinking the name written on the barn is “Lorin C Springer.” In 1900 Lorin C Springer owned a little over 200 acres where I think this house and buildings were, north side of 33, a little west of Township Line Road. That all adds up and it sort of looks like Lorin C Springer. Thanks for writing!

    • Philip John Schumm on October 4, 2023 at 9:28 pm
    • Reply

    How fascinating to read the story of a man who shares my name not to mention discovering John George Schumm in your blog with my middle name being John and my father’s middle name being George.

    1. Perhaps we are related?

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