Tombstone Tuesday-Viola L. (Baumgartner) Kable

I continue to write about the John Henry Kable family, and as it turns out, four of the six family members do not have marked burial sites. I may have to rename this series of blog posts Tombstoneless Tuesday.

Today’s post, John Henry Kable’s wife Viola L. Baumgartner, who married John H. Kable (1877-1957) in Mercer County on 4 November 1906. [1]

Viola L. Baumgartner was born in Adams County, Indiana, on 9 March 1889, the daughter of John and Nettie (Urick) Baumgartner. [1] [2] [3]

Viola Baumgartner came from a large family. In 1900, Viola Baumgartner, age 11, lived with her parents, six siblings, and two half-brothers in Dunkirk, Jay County, Indiana: Joe [John] Baumgartner, 36, head; Jeannette [Nettie], 31, wife; Eddie, 13; Edgar, 13; Viola, 11; Irene, 9; Cloah, 6; John, 4; Frank, 9 months; Jesse Baumgartner, 19, son; and William Baumgartner, 17, son. Joe/John and Jeannette/Nettie had been married 16 years, so the father John likely had two sons, Jesse and William, from a previous marriage. Jeannette/Nettie had given birth to eight children and seven of them were living. [2]

John H. Kable married Viola Baumgartner on 4 November 1906 and their marriage record gives some valuable information. It indicates that Viola L Baumgartner was born in Adams County, Indiana, 9 March 1889, the daughter of John Baumgartner and Nettie Urick. Their marriage license indicates that Viola was 17 years old when they married, and because she was underage her father gave permission for her to marry. Neither John nor Viola was previously married. Viola resided in or near Rockford and John, a teacher, resided in Liberty Township, Mercer County. They were married by C. L. Culbertson. [1]  

John H Kable & Viola Baumgartner marriage record, 1906 [1]

John H Kable & Viola Baumgartner marriage record, 1906 [1]

In 1910 John, 33, farmer, and Viola, 21, resided in Liberty Township, Mercer County and had two children, Walter, 2, and Laurina, 3 months. John’s mother Catharine Kable also lived with them. [4]

John H. and Viola had two more children within the next couple years, Victor Daniel Kable, born in 1912, and Bessie Maud Kable, born in 1913.

In September 1918, Viola Kable was given as her husband John’s next of kin when he registered for the draft in Mercer County. [5]

John’s wife Viola (Baumgartner) Kable died in Liberty Township on 11 December 1918, aged 29 years, 8 months, and 2 days. She died from pneumonia, associated with the Spanish flu. Her death certificate indicates she was buried in the Chattanooga Cemetery, on the 13th. [6] I assume this was Kessler/Liberty Cemetery, a couple miles south of Chatt. But she does not have a grave marker. Neither does her husband John H. Perhaps she is buried near her husband John and perhaps they both had temporary markers at one time.

Viola (Baumgartner) Kable death certificate, 1918 [6]

John H and Viola L (Baumgartner) Kable had the following children:
Walter Elmer Kable (1907-1921)
Viola Laurina (1910-1921)
Victor Daniel Kable (1912-1961), married Agnes L. Spangler
Bessie Maud Kable (1913-1980), married Dale Henry Eley

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    Hello Karen. This has interested me as I know I have some Baumgartner in me. I am pleased to know you are investigating past generation so we may never forget about them.

    1. This Baumgartner line has been very difficult and I still have a lot of questions about them. For one, was John Henry Kable’s wife Viola Baumgartner related to John’s brother-in-law, John Baumgartner, husband of Christina (Kable)? I hope my information helps your research. Thanks for writing.

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