Tombstone Tuesday-Lighthouse Symbol

Lighthouses have stood on coastlines for centuries, warning and guiding sailors to a safe passage.

A lighthouse image inscribed on a tombstone can have several meanings.

Lighthouse symbol, West Lawn Cemetery, Baltic, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Lighthouses symbolize strength. Most stand on the edge of cliffs and rocks, standing strong against the storms and rough sea waves.

Lighthouses symbolize vigilance. The lighthouse keeper is reliable, always on duty at the lighthouse, keeping watch 24 hours a day, every day of the year, guiding sailors.

A lighthouse is a source of hope and can be a lifesaver. Its beacon of light guides people to a safe haven, especially those lost at sea and ships seeking safe harbor. Lighthouses are erected in locations where there would likely be death without them. Built near dangerous rocks, hidden sandbars, and strong currents, they give hope for safe passage.

Lighthouses are a guiding light and an important navigation tool, guiding sailors safely to shore. They symbolize the hope and faith in Jesus as the Guiding Light. In addition, the Guiding Light Principle encourages people to follow a moral and right path.

The lighthouse provides safety for the lighthouse keeper and people on the coastline who may need shelter.

Finally, the lighthouse symbolizes the end of a journey. One has crossed the sea of life, the journey has ended and the lighthouse is a welcoming sign the journey is coming to a happy ending.

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