Mothers and Daughters

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are some photos of mothers and daughters and grandmothers in my family, and some sons and husbands as well:

Florence & Karen, c1959

Grandma Hilda (Scaer) Schumm with Amy, Esther, & Florence

Lizzie (Schinnerer) Scaer & Amy Schumm, 1929.

Frieda, Sarah (Breuninger), Cornelius, Louis J Schumm (1905)

Front: Carl, Jacob, John, Christina (Rueck), Clara, Caroline. Back: Mary, Peter, Jacob Jr, Christian, Maggie.

Carl Miller family, front: Herb, Anna Lou, Kenny, Vernie. Back: Carl, Gertrude, Ruth, Helen, Kate, Em.

Front: William Reid, Gertrude (Brewster) Miller, Mary Ann (Cotterell) Headington. Back: Pearl (Reid) Brewster, Elvira (Headington) Reid. c1898

Grandma Miller (Gertrude Brewster Miller) and Great-grandma Brewster (Pearl Reid Brewster)

Emily (Bryan) Reid & daughter Pearl (Reid) Brewster (1936 photo) Photo courtesy of Brian Brewster

Emily (Bryan) Reid and her daughters. Front: Pearl, Emily, Laura. Back: Zorphia, Minnie, Edith, Gladys.

John & Hannah (Huey) Bryan, children Emily, Peter, Mary, William Riley, Alta Jane, Hallet, Byantha (c1883)

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