Fischer Family, Wife of JG Schumm

Last week I wrote about our immigrant ancestor John Georg Schumm’s grandparents and parents.

For clarification, I am calling our immigrant ancestor John George Schumm II (1777-1846) because his father had the same name.

To briefly recap, John George Schumm II was the second of 3 children born to John George Schumm I (1738-1791) and Anna Margaretha (Franz) (1748-1819). John George Schumm I was a Heiligenpfleger, which literally means ministre des saints, or more simply that he was the church financial administrator and custodian. He was probably a farmer as well. John Georg Schumm II’s older sister died in 1785, his father John George Schumm I died in 1791, his widowed mother Anna Margaretha (Franz) Schumm married Johann Martin Stapf in 1792, his younger brother died in 1813, and his mother Anna Margaretha (Franz) Schumm died in 1819.

Our immigrant ancestor John George Schumm II married Anna Maria Fischer on 28 April 1807. Their marriage record is a whole paragraph of writing and although I cannot read most of it, I can pick out the names. I found it interesting, that in addition to naming the father JG Schumm [I], John Georg II’s step-father, Johann Martin Stapf (1760-1843), is also mentioned in the marriage record. It is good to see and to know that I am on the right track. 

Today, some information about our immigrant ancestor John Georg Schumm II’s wife Anna Maria Fischer and her family.

Anna Maria Fischer was born 3 March 1779, the 5th of 14 children born to George Michael Fischer (1744-1821) and Anna Maria (Hohenstein) (1753-1818).

Anna Maria’s father George Michael Fischer was the son of Johann Georg Fischer and Maria Katharina (Graber). Johann Georg Fischer was a Bauer/farmer in Ruppertshofen. Anna Maria’s mother Anna Maria Hohenstein was the daughter of Georg Philipp Hohenstein and Maria Katharina (Leidig).

Anna Maria Fischer’s father George Michael Fischer was also a Heiligenpfleger as well as a Gerichtsverwandter, or court official. There was another occupation listed, associated with “field” but I could not make out the whole word. He may have also been a farmer.

Fischer, Georg Michael (1744-1821) & Anna Maria (Hohenstein) (1753-1818), Ruppertshofen Familienbuch, gives occupation

Even though John George Schumm II’s bride Anna Maria Fischer came from a family of 14 children, 7 of the children died young. The children of George Michael and Anna Maria (Hohenstein) Fischer:

Johann Georg Fischer I (1773-bef 1779)
[Anna?] Fischer [female] (1774-c1777)
Maria Katharine Fischer (1775-?), confirmed 1787, married 1801
Maria Barbara Fischer (1777-bef 1779)
Anna Maria Fischer (1779-1822), confirmed 1791, married John Georg Schumm II 1807
George Michael Fischer (1780-?), confirmed 1792, married 1811
Maria Barbara Fischer (1781-?), confirmed 1793, married 1807
Maria Margaretha Fischer I (1783-?), confirmed 1795, married 1811 [?]
Maria Magdalena Fischer, (1787-bef 1799)
Johann Georg Fischer II (1788-?), confirmed 1800
Georg Andreas Fischer (1791-bef 1799)
Maria Magdalena Fischer II (1792-?), confirmed 1804, married 1828
Johann Malchior Fischer (1793-1794)
Johann Andreas Fischer (1795-1795)

As you can see, the children that died young died before confirmation age, which is about 12 years.

Georg Michael Fischer (1844-1821) children, Ruppertshofen, Familienbuch

All this Fischer family information is from the Familienbuch, their family register page, in the Ruppertshofen church records. Those family registers are a wonderful resource.

Anna Maria (Hohenstein) Fischer died 26 November 1818, aged 65 years and 7 months. She was buried on the 29th.

George Michael Fisher died of Wassersucht, or dropsy, on 10 November 1821, aged 77 years, 7 months, and 24 days. He was buried on the 12th.

Georg Michael Fischer death, 10 Nov 1821, Ruppertshofen

Immigrant John George Schumm II and wife Anna Maria (Fischer) had a large family of their own, considering the two preceding generations of Schumms had only three children each.

I will continue on with those children in upcoming blogs.

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