Tombstone Tuesday-Rudolf B & Lula A (Scare) Allmandinger

Rudolf & Lula (Scare) Allmandinger, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio (2012 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Rudolf B. and Lula A. (Scare) Allmandinger, located in row 4 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Rudolf B.
Lula A.

Rudolf Benjamin Allmandinger was born in Mercer County, Ohio, on 13 January 1903, the son of Frederick (1869-1953) and Anna Kathrina (Kallenberger) (1875-1944) Allmandinger. Rudolf was baptized at Zion Lutheran Church, Chattanooga, Ohio, 25 January 1903, with his parents serving as sponsors.  

The Frederick Allmandinger family in 1910, residing in Black Creek Township, Mercer County: Frederick, 40; Anna K, 34; George F, 14; Paulena K, 11; Rudolf B, 7; Carl M, 4; and Elizabeth, 2. They lived next door to Andrew Kallenbarger, wife Anna’s parents. [1]  

By 1920 the Frederick Allmandinger family had moved to Liberty Township, Van Wert County: Fred, 56; Anna, 46; George, 24; Paulena, 21; Rudolf, 16; Carl, 14; Elizabeth, 12; and Matilda, 9. The father Fred was a farmer. [1]

Rudolf Allmandinger married Lula Scare 14 July 1929 at Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm. Church records indicate both were members of Zion Schumm’s parish. They were married by Rev. R.O. Bienert and Carl Scare and Matilda Allmandinger, siblings of the couple, were witnesses to their marriage.

Lula Anna Scare was born in Pleasant Township, Van Wert County, Ohio, on 15 December 1905, the daughter of Peter (1862-1946) and Hannah (Schinnerer) (1868-1958) Scare/Scaer. Her family’s surname was originally spelled Scaer but Lula’s father changed the spelling to Scare at some point. I have seen Lula’s maiden name spelled both ways, but most times spelled Scare, the spelling I will use for Lula in this post.

In 1910 the Peter Scare family resided in Pleasant Township and the family included children Herman, 17; Edward, 9; Carl, 7; and Lula, 5. Two of their other children were deceased by this time. Peter was a farmer. [3] By 1920 the Peter Scare family consisted of the parents and children Edward, Carl, and Lula.

After their marriage in 1929 Rudolf and Lula Allmandinger set up housekeeping in Willshire Township, just north of Schumm. Lula’s parents had also moved to Willshire Township by this time and it appears the two families resided in the same household. Rudolf was a farmer. [4]

The Rudolf and Lula Allmandinger had two children by 1940, William, 9, and Emma, 6. The couple still lived with or very near Lula’s parents. [5]

Lula’s father Peter died at home in 1946. 

The Rudolph Allmandinger family in 1950: Rudolf, 47; Lula A, 44; Wm F, 19, son; L Emma M, 16, daughter. It appears Lula’s mother Hannah, a widow now, was living with them. [6]

Lula’s mother Hannah (Schinnerer) Scare died at home in 1958.

In 1993 Rudolf and Lula’s address was 16883 Schumm Road, Willshire, likely the same home they had lived in since their marriage.

Rudolf Allmandinger died 30 June 1993 at Chalet Village, Berne, Indiana, at the age of 90. He was buried on 3 July.

Lula (Scare) Allmandinger died at a Van Wert County nursing home on 26 May 1999. Lula was 93.

Rudolf and Lula (Scare) Allmandinger had two children:
William Frederick Allmandinger (1930-2015), married Coleen S. Wagner
Lula Marcile “Emma” Allmandinger (1934-2022), married Harold Salway

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