June 2023 archive

Fly the Flag on the Fourth of July

July 4th is just a few days away and is one of the best holidays to fly the American flag. Here are some of my flag photos and other patriotic photos from around our yard.

Tombstone Tuesday-Another Knights of Pythias Symbol

I have read that the Knights of Pythias have over 20,000 different symbols and I believe this is one of their symbols.

1879 Willshire Postmark

This is one of the oldest Willshire postmarks that I have, if not the oldest. The envelope is postmarked Wilshire, O, Mar 11.

Tombstone Tuesday-Coins Left on a Tombstone

Occasionally I will see coins that were left on a tombstone. What does that mean?

Area News, April-May 1911

There is probably not a better way to see what was going on in this area than to read what was in the local newspaper. Today, some area news from April and May 1911, as published in Mercer County’s Celina Democrat.