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Some Local News of 1910

Some more area news from the Celina Democrat in 1910.
Chattanooga-Miss Bertha Carver, the blind girl of near Salem, Ind., whose wonderful voice has won for her the name of “The Blind Soloist,”

More Local News from 1910

I am still looking through old newspapers, specifically the Celina Democrat in 1910. This newspaper is online, is easy to view from home, and has some interesting information for our part of the county as well as all of Mercer County. Perhaps you will recognize some of the names mentioned here.

Mystery Solved! 1910 Liberty Township Boxwell Commencement

Sometimes it takes a while to solve a mystery. Sometimes it takes 9 years.
Such is the case concerning a Liberty Township photo sent to me 9 years ago.

More Local News Items from 1917 (part 4)

I continue with some more news clippings from The Celina Democrat, a newspaper published from 1895-1921. A few of those years are available on the Library of website. Here is more local news from 1917.

Chatt News, 1917 (part 3)

Continuing with more news from Chatt in the early months of 1917, as reported in The Celina Democrat.