3 Old Schumm, Schueler, Bienz-related Documents

Recently a Schumm relative shared three wonderful old Schumm documents. These documents are very old and it is amazing that they were saved all these years and are in such good condition.

Before showing images of the documents, a little history about the individuals mentioned in them.

All three documents involve Magdalene Schueler (1835-1916), the daughter of Michael Schueler (1808-1880) and his wife Maria Katherine Schumm (1810-1938). Wife Maria Katherine Schumm was the daughter of immigrant John Georg Schumm (1777-1846) and she immigrated to America in 1833 with her father and four brothers. The Schumm immigrants first settled in Holmes County, Ohio, where, in 1833, Maria Katherine Schumm married Michael Schueler. Their second child, Catharina “Magdalene” Schueler, was born in Holmes County on 3 November 1835. About 1838 the Schumms and the Michael Schueler family moved to Van Wert County, where they purchased land and established the village of Schumm and Zion Lutheran Church. Magdalene Schueler married John Bienz (Sr) (1823-1898) at Zion Schumm in 1852. Their first child, Johann Friedrich Bienz (Jr) (1853-1918), was born 20 June 1853.

Now, the documents.

Magdalene Schueler 1835 baptismal certificate

The oldest document is the baptismal certificate of Catharina “Magdalene” Schueler, daughter of Michael and Cathrine [Katherine] (Schumm) Schueler. Magdalene was born 3 Nov 1835 in Holmes County, Ohio, and baptized 10 November 1835. This document is interesting because the certificate gives the birth places of her parents: Michael Schueler, born in Binzelberg [Binselberg], Wuerttemberg, and Cathrine [Katherine] Schumm born in Ruppertshofen, Wuerttemberg. Magdalene Schueler’s baptismal sponsors were Magdalena Schumm, Cathrine Lillich, and Barbara Gehrig. [1]

Magdalene Schueler 1835 baptismal certificate

The next name on Magdalene’s baptismal certificate is Colredo, who would have been Rev. Henry Colloredo, the first minister of Zion Lutheran Church in Winesburg, Holmes County. Rev. Colloredo, a theological student when he first came to Winesburg, ministered there from 1833-1836, during the time the Schumms, Schuelers, and Pfluegers attended church at Winesburg. [2] The parishioners did not have a church building at Winesburg until about 1841 but met in the home of Peter Schallioll.  I have a transcribed list of Rev. Colloredo’s baptisms at Winesburg, but there are no Schuelers on that list. Perhaps it was not recorded in the records or did not survive, but we see the original certificate.

Written on the lower right is “Ev. Luth Parish, Holmes County, Ohio” and written on the lower left is “Preble Township, Adams County, Indiana, 21 April 64.” The Preble reference was apparently written much later. Michael Schueler’s wife Katharine (Schumm) died in Schumm in 1838 and widower Michael Schueler married Catharine Lakehard in 1839. They stayed in Willshire Township for a few years but moved to Preble County, Indiana, by 1860. The Preble reference may have been added later, perhaps when Magdalene joined the church there. Perhaps she showed them her baptismal certificate to prove when and where she was baptized.

Magdalene Schueler 1850 confirmation certificate

The second document is Rosina “Magdalena” Schueler’s confirmation certificate, confirmed at Zion Lutheran, Schumm, on 29 Mar 1850 by Rev. Johann G. Streckfuss. Although her first name is different, this document indicates Magdalene was born 3 November 1835, the same birth date written on the baptismal certificate above and I believe she is the same person. As was the custom at that time, she went by her middle name, “Magdalene.” I have seen this before, where the first name varies between documents, while the person went by their middle name.

Magdalene was confirmed by Rev. Johann G. Streckfuss, Zion Schumm’s minister from 1847-1856.

Three years after her confirmation, Magdalene Schueler married Johann Bienz (Sr) (1823-1898) on 15 April 1852 at Zion Schumm. Their first child was Johann Friedrich Bienz (Jr) (1853-1918).

Johann Bienz 1853 baptismal certificate

The third document is the baptismal certificate of Johann Friedrich Bienz, the son of the above-mentioned Magdalene Schueler and husband Johann Bienz. Their son Johann Friedrich Bienz was born 20 June 1853 and baptized 22 June 1853 at Zion Lutheran, Schumm, by the above-mentioned Rev. Johann G. Streckfuss.

Johann Friedrich Bienz (Jr) married Mary “Virginia” Bleichner in 1882.

What wonderful family documents! Three documents that all fit together, saved all these years. What a treasure!

[1] Note by kmb: I am not sure who Magdalina Schumm was. Friedrich Schumm (1814-1902) married Magdalena Meyer in 1838, in Holmes County, but their marriage occurred after this event.]

[2] Rev. Colloredo is mentioned on p.29 of our 2010 Schumm History book and in subsequent Schumm history/genealogy updates since the 2010 book, with a little history of the Winesburg church.

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