April 2023 archive

A Bienz-Ross Photo Mystery

Last week I showed photos of three very old Schumm-related documents and this photo was with them. This photo, likely taken in Blackcreek Township, has me stumped.

Tombstone Tuesday-Luther Rose Symbol

The image on these tombstones is the Luther Rose, the symbol for Lutheranism. The seal was designed by Martin Luther in 1516 and it symbolizes the basic elements of Christian theology.

3 Old Schumm, Schueler, Bienz-related Documents

Recently a Schumm relative shared three wonderful old Schumm documents. These documents are very old and it is amazing that they were saved all these years and are in such good condition.

Tombstone Tuesday-Walter & Helen (Backus) Krueckeberg

This is the tombstone of Walter and Helen Krueckeberg, located in row 9 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:
May 9, 1910
Dec 29, 2000
Aug 28, 1911
July 12, 1999

School Children at Schumm, 1847

This roster of school children is included in Zion Lutheran Schumm’s church records, a list of children, 9 boys and 11 girls, who attended the parochial school at Schumm. The roster also includes their dates of birth.