Category: Tombstone Art

Tombstone Tuesday-Exedra Monument

Exedra is a rather unusual cemetery monument, usually seen in larger cemeteries. Here are two local examples.

Tombstone Tuesday-Log Cabin Monument

This log cabin tombstone is located in Roberts Cemetery, Oregon Road, in Mercer County, Ohio. It is a unique grave marker and I don’t recall if I have seen another like it.

Tombstone Tuesday-Music Symbols

Music has been popular for centuries and it is no surprise that people would incorporate musical symbols on their tombstones.

Tombstone Tuesday-Knights Templar Symbol

This is an interesting tombstone inscription I have seen a few times, the symbol of the Freemason order of Knights Templar. The inscription features a cross with the Latin phrase In Hoc Signo Vinces.

Tombstone Tuesday-Masonic Tombstone Art

Masonic symbols are usually easily identified on tombstones. The Masons, also known as Freemasons or Free and Accepted Masons, is a fraternal society that originated in the Middle Ages from stonemason and cathedral builder guilds.