Category: Tombstone Art

Tombstone Tuesday–Footstones

We are all familiar with tombstones, the permanent memorials that mark the final resting places of our loved ones. What we don’t see as often in cemeteries in this part of the country are footstones.

Tombstone Tuesday-Chi Rho Symbol

This is the Chi Rho symbol, a Christian symbol for the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ, Christos, which means Christ.

Tombstone Tuesday-Dogwood Flower

Flowers are commonly carved on tombstones. This flower is the dogwood flower.

Good Friday 2024

Today is Good Friday, remembering the day Jesus suffered and died on the cross for us.

Tombstone Tuesday-Grange Symbol

We were going through a cemetery a couple weeks ago and Joe noticed this unusual symbol on a tombstone. I knew this inscription was out there on some tombstone somewhere, but I had never come across one before. The P of H on the inscription gave it away.