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Tombstone Tuesday-Daughters of Rebekah Symbol

The Daughters of Rebekah, a branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, was established in 1851. The name is derived from Rebekah in the Bible. Sometimes called the Rebekahs, the society is an international service organization.

Tombstone Tuesday-Odd Fellows Symbol

The symbol of the fraternal society known as the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, aka Odd Fellows, is three links of a chain.

Tombstone Tuesday–Pythian Sisters Symbol

The Pythian Sisters, the female auxiliary of the Knights of Pythias, had their own symbol, a Maltese cross with the letters PLEF. These letters stand for Purity, Love, Equality, and Fidelity. This is the symbol used on a member’s tombstone.

Tombstone Tuesday-Knights of Pythias Symbol

The Knights of Pythias was officially founded in Washington DC in 1864 by Justus Rathbone, founded as a secret fraternal society for government clerks.

Tombstone Tuesday-Knights of the Maccabees

In addition to the various symbols and artwork engraved on tombstones, fraternal organization symbols are also often seen on grave markers.