Tombstone Tuesday-Tombstone Shapes

Today, more examples of tombstones with a symbolic shape.

A tombstone in the shape of a semi truck.

Decatur Cemetery, Adams County, Indiana

A marker in the shape of a slot machine.

St. Joseph Cemetery, Auglaize County, Ohio

A monument shaped like a log cabin. The little logs are markers for family members.

Roberts Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio

Roberts Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio

Roberts Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio

A life-like tree stump marker.

Union Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

A tombstone shaped like a tree trunk. Many of these are associated with Woodmen of the World.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima, Ohio

A monument shaped like a pyramid. Legend has it that the devil will not recline on a pyramid-shaped tombstone.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Lima, Ohio

A grave marker shaped like a bench.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Ohio City, Ohio




    • Peggy Clouse Betterly on October 18, 2022 at 9:22 am
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    I find your articles interesting. I started attending Zion UB Church in 1948 along with my mother, sister Sally Clouse Wehr and brothers, William, Thomas, and Jack Clouse. Neva Stetler Clouse was my mother. The youth group was led by Walter and Carolyn Winkler. They took us to Huntington College, where Sally and I attended. I knew the Godwins, Winklers, and Dellingers. It was an active church back then.
    We attended the free “picture shows” at Chatt , Willshire and Wren.
    My ancestor, George Clouse , moved to Liberty township. And was supposedly the 3rd family to do so.
    Thank you for your interest. Peggy Betterly

    1. So nice to hear about your family and their history in the community. I know several of your siblings. Two of them were my teachers and Jack was married to my cousin Gloria. Great to hear from you and thanks for writing.

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