• Lorquet Michel on May 13, 2021 at 5:28 am
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    Hello Karen,

    I try to found your articles about military history of your Father, but I don’t found them…

    Where can I looking for?

    Sorry, but I’m far to be an expert in Internet surfing.

    Thank in advance.



    1. You can find the information about my dad a couple ways on the website. On the Home Page, scroll down and you will come to Karen’s Favorite Words. Click on Herbert Miller and it will bring up the blog posts about him. I wrote a series of about 30 blog posts, where I transcribed his WWII letters. That series is called “Dear Mom and All, WWII Letters from Herb.” Those posts will come up if you use Karen’s Favorite Words or if you type in “Dear Mom and All” in the search feature in the upper right of Karen’s Chatt Home Page. Happy reading and thanks for writing.

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