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Area News, April-May 1911

There is probably not a better way to see what was going on in this area than to read what was in the local newspaper. Today, some area news from April and May 1911, as published in Mercer County’s Celina Democrat.  

1911 Patterson Exams in Mercer and Van Wert Counties

As the school year draws to a close, students and teachers look forward to summer vacation. But before wrapping up the school year there are those end-of-the-school-year tests, to determine how much information the students retained during the year. I remember those dreaded tests very well.

March 1911 Blackcreek & Liberty News

Today, back to some of news from Blackcreek and Liberty Townships in 1911, the articles taken from The Celina Democrat online images.

Chatt-area News, February 1911

Some more news from our area of the county, from February 1911 issues of The Celina Democrat.

Black Creek & Liberty News, 1911

I have moved from 1910 and am now looking through the 1911 issues of The Celina Democrat, searching for news and information about Black Creek and Liberty Townships. Most of the news the paper printed was from the Celina area, but occasionally there is news from the northwest part of the county.