Tombstone Tuesday-Stanton Sr, Margaret M (Brandt), Stanton Jr Dailey

Dailey, Stanton R, Margaret (Brandt), Stanton Jr, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio (2011 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Stanton R (Sr), Margaret M (Brandt), Stanton Jr Dailey, and five of their other children, located in row 10 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Stanton Sr.
Margaret M.
Stanton Jr.
Infant Dau. (1927); Infant Dau. (1930); Infant Son (1931); Infant Son (1938); Infant Son (1939)

Stanton Revere Daily was born 15 December 1897 in Adams County, Indiana, the son of Joseph J (1849-1939) and Samantha T (Robinson) (1852-1910) Dailey. Stanton had a twin brother Stanley Pearl (1897-1985), and two sets of twin siblings.

Stanton Dailey, enumerated with his family in 1900: Joseph Dailey, 51, head; Samantha, 54, wife; Esias W, 20, son; Mabel, 14, daughter; Leina, 13, daughter; Leora, 13, daughter; Viola, 8, daughter; Wilma, 5, daughter; Stanley, 3, son; and Stanton, 3, son. The parents had been married 26 years and 12 of their 13 children were living. It is interesting to note that there are three sets of twins in the Joseph Dailey family. [1]

Stanton R. Dailey married Margaret Brandt on 17 February 1923 in Mercer County, Ohio. They were married at Zion Lutheran, Chatt, by Zion’s Rev. Albrecht. Stanton, age 22, was living in Willshire and Margaret, 21, was living in Black Creek Township, Mercer County. Mrs. Maria Brandt and Emil Brandt were witnesses to their marriage, as recorded in Zion Chatt’s records.

Martha Margaretha “Margaret” Brandt was born in Black Creek Township, Mercer County, on 2 June 1901, the daughter of Louis J (1839-1905) and his second wife Marie L (Schulz/Schultz) (1866-1928) Brandt. Margaret was baptized at Zion Lutheran, Chatt, on 14 July 1901, with her grandmother serving as her sponsor.

Margaret’s father Louis Brandt died 31 January 1905. In 1910, Margaret Brandt, 8, lived with her widowed mother Marie, 43, and brothers Louis E, 11 and Emil F, 10, in Black Creek Township. Her maternal grandmother, Sophia Schulz, 67, also lived with them. [2]

Seven years after their 1923 marriage, Stanton and Margaret Dailey resided in rural Willshire, Van Wert County. Three of four children born to them were living. A daughter was stillborn to them in 1927. Their family in 1930: Stanton R, 32; Margaret M, 28; Alma, 7; Mary, 5, and Robert L, 1. Stanton was a farmer. All the children were born in Ohio. [3] Margaret gave birth to a daughter a couple months later, in June 1930, but she was stillborn or died shortly after birth.

During the next ten years, 1930-1940, seven more children were born to Stanton and Margaret. Several died shortly after birth or were stillborn. Their children born 1930-1940: a daughter (1930-1930), a son (1931-1931), Charles L (1932), David Eugene (1936), Katherine M (1937), a son (1938-1938), a son (1939-1939).

By 1940 seven children were living in the Stanton Dailey household: Alma, 17; Mary, 16; Robert, 11; Charles, 8; Stanton Jr, 6; David, 4; and Katherine, 3. [4]

Two more children were born in the next five years, Marjorie (c1940) and Thomas (1945).

More tragedy for the family in 1949, when son Stanton Dailey Jr, born 13 Aug 1934, died 12 March 1949, from injuries sustained in an automobile accident southeast of Willshire on route 33. Three of his brothers were also involved in the accident. Stanton Jr was 14 ½ years old and was buried on the 14th. He was survived by his parents, four brothers, and four sisters.

All in all, Stanton and Margaret had fourteen children. Five were stillborn or died in infancy, son Stanley R Dailey Jr died in an auto accident at age 14, and four sons and four daughters lived to maturity. 

The births and/or deaths of four children born to Stanton and Margaret are recorded at Zion Lutheran, Chatt: Alma Martha Daily, born 6 August 1923, baptized 15 August 1923, sponsors were Mrs. Maria Brandt and Mrs. Clara Albrecht. Mary Mildred Dailey, born 23 November 1924, baptized 24 January 1926, sponsors were Emil Brandt and the child’s mother. A stillborn child, born and died 3 June 1927, buried on the 4th. Son Stanton R. Jr’s death, 12 March 1949, and burial on the 14th.

The Stanton Dailey family in 1950, rural Willshire: Stanton R, 51; Margaret, 48; Robert L, 21; Charles L, 18; David E, 14; Katherine M, 13; Marguerite, 10; and Thomas J, 5. Stanton was a farmer. [5]

Stanton Dailey Sr. died at the Adams County Hospital, Decatur, Indiana, on 8 April 1970, aged 72. He was buried on 10 April. His address was route 2 Berne at the time of his death. He was survived by his wife, 4 sons, 4 daughters, a sister, and a twin brother.

Margaret Martha (Brandt) Dailey died at the Caylor-Nickel Hospital, Bluffton, Indiana, on 24 June 1979, age 78. Her address was route 2 Berne at the time of her death. She was survived by eight children, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.   

Stanton R. and Margaret (Brandt) Dailey had the following children:
Alma Martha (1923-2020), married L Paul Kable
Mary Mildred (1924-2012), married Max Eugene Bennett
Infant daughter (1927-1927)
Robert Louis (1928-2012), married Eileen Dolores Wallis    
Infant daughter (1930-1930)
Infant son (1931-1931)
Charles L (1932-2015), married Ileen Shaffer
Stanton R Jr (1934-1949)
David Eugene (1936-2013), not married
Katherine M (1937-2015), married Gerald Bair
Infant son (1938-1938)
Infant son (1939-1939)
Marjorie (c1940-), married Joseph Dodane
Thomas W (1945-2011) not married

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