February 2024 archive

Women’s Nicknames

While doing some recent research I came across the name Nettie. Nettie is not a particularly unusual nickname, but I could not come up with the original given name for that nickname.

Tombstone Tuesday-Walter E. Kable & Viola Laurina Kable

Last week’s Tombstone Tuesday featured John Henry Kable (1877-1957), an individual without a tombstone. Two of his children also have unmarked burial locations.

The First Schumm Reunion, 1924

The descendants of the John George Schumm family in America have an important anniversary this year, 100 years since the first Schumm Reunion.

Tombstone Tuesday-John Henry Kable

What do you do when there is no tombstone for a Tombstone Tuesday? I guess you go ahead and write a brief bio of the deceased anyway.  

Wives Without First Names

I am old enough to remember when married women did not use their given names. Years ago wives referred to themselves, and were referred to by others, with their husband’s given name. It was Mrs. John Doe, not Mrs. Jane Doe.