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The First Schumm Reunion, 1924

The descendants of the John George Schumm family in America have an important anniversary this year, 100 years since the first Schumm Reunion.

The Tenth Schumm Reunion, 1949

Zion Lutheran Church at Schumm celebrated their 175th anniversary as a congregation in 2021. That is quite a milestone. Later this year the Schumm family will celebrate yet another milestone–the 100-year anniversary of the John George Schumm Family Reunion. It will be the 45th Schumm reunion…

Tombstone Tuesday-2021 Schumm Reunion Cemetery Walk

This past Sunday was the 44th Schumm Reunion, the gathering of the descendants of immigrant John Georg Schumm. The reunion is usually held every other year and would have been held last year had it not been for the pandemic in 2020.

Tombstone Tuesday–6 Schumm Immigrants

This weekend descendants of John George Schumm will gather in Schumm, Ohio, for the the 43rd biennial Schumm reunion. Many relatives, often over 200, gather for some or all of the day’s activities, which include the morning worship service at Schumm’s Zion Lutheran Church, a noon meal consisting of a variety of some the best home-made …

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2016 Schumm Reunion

The 42nd Schumm reunion has come and gone. The biennial reunion of the John George Schumm family was held last Sunday in Schumm, Ohio. The reunion committee outdid themselves this year. They deserve a BIG Thank-You for all the thought, effort, and work that went into creating one of the most fun, successful, and interesting …

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