1911 Postcard to J.S. Egger

How interesting that a postcard sent over a century ago, to a state over 700 miles away, eventually ends up within a few miles of its origin.

This 1911 postcard is addressed to J.S. Egger in Hornick, Iowa. Egger is a surname that was familiar in the Chatt area at one time.

1911 postcard to J. S. Egger from Freda.

Rev. Samuel Egger (1857-1948) was born in Monroe County, Ohio, married Mary Buckio there in 1882, and by 1900 he and his family had moved to Liberty Township, Mercer County, Ohio, where he was the minister of the UCC church near Chatt for 38 years. Rev. Egger spent the rest of his life in Mercer County and is buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery on Oregon and Wabash Roads.

Rev. Egger’s oldest brother was Jacob Samuel “J.S.” Egger (1851-1947), also born in Monroe County, Ohio, and moved to Iowa about 1881. He remained in Iowa the rest of his life.

The Egger family kept in contact with one another. This is the second old postcard I have that was sent from Rockford to J.S. Egger in Hornick, Iowa.

The postcard, postmarked Rockford, Ohio, Sep 14, 1911
To Mr. J.S. Egger
Hornick, Iowa

Just received word from the girls that they are coming today & Freda will have to leave Friday. Don’t worry if she don’t get home until Tuesday for pa will go to Chicago with her Monday. Freda

1911 postcard from Freda, to J.S. Egger, Hornick, Iowa.

Two Fredas are mentioned in the message, the message-writer and the Freda who is leaving for home.

There were in fact two Freda Eggers, first cousins, about the same age. Rev. Samuel Egger had a daughter Freda (1887-1980), who married Jacob Henry Brehm (1889-1953). Rev. Samuel’s brother in Iowa, J.S. Egger, had a daughter Friederike Julia “Freda” (1890-1986), who married Clarence Sulsberger (1892-1971).
I am guessing that the Mercer County Freda wrote the letter to her uncle J.S. Egger in Iowa, concerning her cousin Freda’s travel arrangements. Cousin Freda from Iowa was probably visiting family in Mercer County. The pa mentioned was likely Rev. Samuel Egger.

Of course, this is just speculation. The postcard may have been written by the Iowa Freda.

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