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School Children at Schumm, 1847

This roster of school children is included in Zion Lutheran Schumm’s church records, a list of children, 9 boys and 11 girls, who attended the parochial school at Schumm. The roster also includes their dates of birth.

A Few More Photos & Articles, 1918 Dynamiting of Schumm School

Last week I posted a photo of the exterior of Schumm’s Parochial School, after it was dynamited in the early hours of Sunday, 20 October 1918. The dynamiting of the small parochial school was big news for this area and across the country as well.

1918 Photo of Dynamited Schumm Parochial School

One hundred and one years ago residents in the area of Schumm, Ohio, were shocked when Zion Lutheran’s parochial school was dynamited in the early morning hours of 20 October 1918. The time was during WWI, when the country was filled with anti-German sentiment. Schumm was settled by German immigrants.

Schumm Parochial School Dynamited in 1918

One hundred years ago our country was involved in World War I, united with our allies fighting against Germany and its allies in Europe. While our soldiers were fighting the Germans overseas, back here at home anti-German sentiment was directed at German-Americans. Some of that occurred in Ohio. Some even occurred in our community. During …

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