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Willshire Milling Company

Today, another very nice local picture postcard, a horse-drawn wagon from the Willshire Milling Co. and its driver.

Postmarked Willshire, 1911, from D.W.H.

Regular readers know that I enjoy trying to figure out and learn a little about the writers and recipients of old post cards from this area. Today, an interesting old postcard with an April 1911 Willshire postmark…

1918-Reichard Rescued from Torpedoed Boat

April 1918-William Denzil Reichard, Willshire, was among those rescued from a cargo vessel that was sunk by a German submarine.

Downtown Willshire, c1940-50

Today, a couple old photos of downtown Willshire, probably taken in the 1940s or 1950s, from the looks of the cars.

1879 Willshire Postmark

This is one of the oldest Willshire postmarks that I have, if not the oldest. The envelope is postmarked Wilshire, O, Mar 11.