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Advertisers in Willshire’s 1950 Willow

Last week it was interesting to see who advertised in Willshire School’s 1948 Willow, the school’s first yearbook. This week I am featuring local advertisers from the 1950 Willow.

Advertisers in Willshire’s 1948 Willow

After spending time looking at occupations and businesses in the village of Willshire in 1880, I am leaving the 19th century and fast-forwarding about 70 years, to look at some Willshire businesses in the mid-1900s. But instead of using census records I am using the advertisers in Willshire’s yearbook, the Willow.

Willshire Occupations & Businesses in 1880

I am still stuck in Willshire’s 1880 census enumeration. This is a time in history that I really enjoy studying. Plus, I like looking through census records. Add to that, this year is Willshire’s Bicentennial and we have a win-win. Today, occupations and businesses of Willshire’s residents in 1880.

Willshire, Reported Disabilities in the 1880 Census

Recently I have been scouring the censuses for information about the inhabitants of the village of Willshire during the last half of the 1800s. Willshire is of particular interest this year because they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the town by Captain James Riley. Their Bicentennial. As I was going through the 1880 census of Willshire Township I noticed something that I had missed before. Totally missed.

Willshire Hotel Information in the 1850-1880 Censuses

After writing about Willshire’s hotels last week I wanted to see what I could learn about the town’s hotels and their proprietors in the census records. I was primarily looking for information about the best-known Willshire hotel, the one most of us remember as the Straubinger Hotel, built in 1850 by Dr. John W. Pearce and razed in 1964.