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It was the half-way point of the school day. We were ready for a break and ready for some time to socialize with our friends and move around. We were hungry and restless. It was lunchtime.

Willshire Advertisers In the 1952 Willow Yearbook

Last week I featured advertisers from the Chattanooga, Ohio, area who sponsored Willshire School’s 1952 Willow yearbook. This week, the Willshire advertisers from that 1952 Willow. You may remember some of these businesses.

Advertisers in Willshire’s 1950 Willow

Last week it was interesting to see who advertised in Willshire School’s 1948 Willow, the school’s first yearbook. This week I am featuring local advertisers from the 1950 Willow.

Willshire Village School Bus No.3

I recently spoke at the Willshire Alumni Banquet, to a great group of people who waited a long time for that banquet to be held. One of the things I talked about was Willshire Village School Bus No. 3, which picked up the Chatt-area school children in 1939-40. While preparing for the alumni talk I discovered that I had two additional photos of that bus that were most likely taken on the same day.

Another 1908 Willshire School Postcard

If this postcard looks familiar, you are not mistaken. I featured a postcard just like it last week and another one several years ago.
This was a very popular photo postcard in the Willshire area in the early 1900s.