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Tombstone Tuesday-Coins Left on a Tombstone

Occasionally I will see coins that were left on a tombstone. What does that mean?

Tombstone Tuesday-FNDOZBTKC/MRAY Masonic Inscription

These mysterious letters, FNDOZBTKC/MRAY, are inscribed on a tombstone in Van Wert’s Woodland Cemetery and are a Masonic acronym.

Tombstone Tuesday-John Hancock

This is an interesting tombstone inscription. It is a rebus puzzle, a word picture puzzle. The word rebus is derived from Latin phrase non verbis, sed rebus, meaning “not by words, but by things.” Can you figure it out?

Tombstone Tuesday-Walther League Symbol

This is the symbol for the Walther League, a youth society for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS).

Tombstone Tuesday-Luther Rose Symbol

The image on these tombstones is the Luther Rose, the symbol for Lutheranism. The seal was designed by Martin Luther in 1516 and it symbolizes the basic elements of Christian theology.