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Tombstone Tuesday-Occupation Symbols

A variety of symbols and images can be carved or etched on tombstones. The photos below show examples of carvings and etchings and show the difference between the two techniques. Today, some local tombstones that indicate a person’s occupation.

Tombstone Tuesday-Exedra Monument

Exedra is a rather unusual cemetery monument, usually seen in larger cemeteries. Here are two local examples.

Tombstone Tuesday-Log Cabin Monument

This log cabin tombstone is located in Roberts Cemetery, Oregon Road, in Mercer County, Ohio. It is a unique grave marker and I don’t recall if I have seen another like it.

Tombstone Tuesday-Music Symbols

Music has been popular for centuries and it is no surprise that people would incorporate musical symbols on their tombstones.

Tombstone Tuesday-Knights Templar Symbol

This is an interesting tombstone inscription I have seen a few times, the symbol of the Freemason order of Knights Templar. The inscription features a cross with the Latin phrase In Hoc Signo Vinces.