Tag: Tombstone art

Tombstone Tuesday-African Violet Symbol

This tombstone is embellished with the image of African Violets in a tea cup.

Tombstone Tuesday-Another Knights of Pythias Symbol

I have read that the Knights of Pythias have over 20,000 different symbols and I believe this is one of their symbols.

Tombstone Tuesday-Coins Left on a Tombstone

Occasionally I will see coins that were left on a tombstone. What does that mean?

Tombstone Tuesday-FNDOZBTKC/MRAY Masonic Inscription

These mysterious letters, FNDOZBTKC/MRAY, are inscribed on a tombstone in Van Wert’s Woodland Cemetery and are a Masonic acronym.

Tombstone Tuesday-John Hancock

This is an interesting tombstone inscription. It is a rebus puzzle, a word picture puzzle. The word rebus is derived from Latin phrase non verbis, sed rebus, meaning “not by words, but by things.” Can you figure it out?