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Tombstone Tuesday-Knights Templar Symbol

This is an interesting tombstone inscription I have seen a few times, the symbol of the Freemason order of Knights Templar. The inscription features a cross with the Latin phrase In Hoc Signo Vinces.

Tombstone Tuesday-Masonic Tombstone Art

Masonic symbols are usually easily identified on tombstones. The Masons, also known as Freemasons or Free and Accepted Masons, is a fraternal society that originated in the Middle Ages from stonemason and cathedral builder guilds.

Tombstone Tuesday-Parakeet Inscription

I have seen a variety of birds in various positions inscribed on tombstones and have written about them before. Birds represent a variety of things, including resurrection, innocence, and peace.

Tombstone Tuesday-Dash Meaning

We took a little vacation to Holmes County a couple weeks ago. The weather was pretty nice for December and while there we took the time to visit one of my favorite cemeteries, West Lawn Cemetery, in Baltic, Tuscarawas County.

Tombstone Tuesday-Lighthouse Symbol

Lighthouses have stood on coastlines for centuries, warning and guiding sailors to a safe passage.
A lighthouse image inscribed on a tombstone can have several meanings.