Tag: Tombstone art

Tombstone Tuesday-Clasped Hands Symbol

A common carving seen on older tombstones is a pair of clasped hands, what looks to be a handshake. This symbol was commonly used during the Victorian era. Clasped hands most often represent the hands of a husband and wife.

Tombstone Tuesday–Half-carved Grave Marker

A half-carved tombstone represents the transition from life to death.

Tombstone Tuesday-Curtain Symbol

A curtain on a tombstone symbolizes the passage from one life to the next, the passage from one existence to another. Curtains conceal and block the view of something and they also provide protection.

Tombstone Tuesday-Lyre/Harp Symbol

A lyre or harp engraved on a tombstone is a symbol of heavenly music, praise to God, and the hope of heaven. Lyres and harps are often seen as the root of divine music.

Tombstone Tuesday-Anchor Symbol

An anchor symbol on a tombstone signifies hope. The anchor is an ancient symbol of hope and early Christians drew a cross, disguised as an anchor, to mark and guide their way to secret meeting places.