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Tombstone Tuesday-Rock of Ages Symbol

The Rock of Ages tombstone art inscription is usually depicted as a woman clinging to a cross, symbolizing faith. She is in a turbulent sea of waves and is clinging to the cross to be saved.

Tombstone Tuesday-Animal Tombstone Art

Occasionally you will see an animal that is part of a tombstone. I’m not talking abut live animals, like squirrels, which I often see scurrying around in cemeteries.

Tombstone Tuesday-Clasped Hands Symbol

A common carving seen on older tombstones is a pair of clasped hands, what looks to be a handshake. This symbol was commonly used during the Victorian era. Clasped hands most often represent the hands of a husband and wife.

Tombstone Tuesday–Half-carved Grave Marker

A half-carved tombstone represents the transition from life to death.

Tombstone Tuesday-Curtain Symbol

A curtain on a tombstone symbolizes the passage from one life to the next, the passage from one existence to another. Curtains conceal and block the view of something and they also provide protection.