Chatt News in the Celina Democrat, 1917 (part 2)

Today, continuing on with some Chattanooga news, as published in The Celina Democrat in 1917.  

On 11 May 1917 the paper announced the dedication of Zion Lutheran’s new brick church in Chatt. The old frame church had not been moved yet and still stood very close to the new church. I found it interesting that they had a fare-well service in the old church before the dedication services in the new church. Also interesting is that additional dedication services were held on Monday and Tuesday. It must have been quite an event.

The Celina Democrat, 11 May 1917.

New Evangelical Lutheran Edifice at Chattanooga
To Be Dedicated Sunday-Interesting Day and Evening Program Arranged for Event
Next Sunday, May 13:h, the new church of Zion’s Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Chattanooga, Liberty township, will be dedicated to the service of the Triune God. And the members of the congregation desire to extend a cordial invitation to all their friends and acquaintances to come and rejoice with them in the fact that an undertaking which presented many difficulties and required many sacrifices has, by the blessing of God, been successfully finished and that the members of Zion’s congregation at last possess a worthy and beautiful house of worship.

The following is the order of the Dedicatory service:
9:30 a.m.—A brief fare-well service in the old church.
9:45 a.m.—Formal sermon by Rev. J.F.C. Soller of Youngstown, O, and an English sermon by Rev. H.J. Schuh of Anna, O.
2:00 p.m. Afternoon Service–Rev. Geo. Haas, of Napoleon, O, will preach the German and Rev. Paul Brockhaus of Oak Lawn, Ill, the English sermon.
8:00 p.m. Evening Service—Rev. L. Loehr of Montra, O, and Rev. W.N. Emch, of Fort Recovery, O, will be the speakers, both in the English language.

Beside the congregational singing, which is in itself an essential feature in every Lutheran service, there will be special singing by various choirs, viz.: the Mixed Choir and the Male Choir of Zion’s church, the Male Sextet of St. John’s church, Celina, O, and the Male Choir of St. Paul’s church of Liberty township.

The time designated is Sun Time. Dinner and supper will be served in the basement of the new church for the nominal cost of 25c. a meal.

Additional services will be held on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Rev. G.F. Reitz, of Celina, O, will preach on Monday evening and Rev. H.N. Brobst, of Coldwater, O, on Tuesday evening. The organist, Miss Bernice Heffner, will be assisted on the pip organ by Miss Clara Sunderman of Ft. Recovery and by Mrs. Rev. Brobst, of Coldwater.

May God grant his blessings in these services to all who will be present. (11 May 1917, p.1)

The old frame church and new brick church, 1917.

From the same paper, other local Lutheran churches were encouraged to attend the dedication. This refers to St. John, Celina:

The Celina Democrat, 11 May 1917.

What happened to Zion Chatt’s old frame church? The 9 Feb 1917 Celina Democrat, p.1, tells that Floyd Vining purchased the old church. Great information! This piece also gives some other interesting information:

Celina Democrat, 9 Feb 1917.

I vaguely remember the old frame church building, just north of Chatt, used as a garage before it was torn down. I assume it remained in the same location that Floyd Vining moved it to in 1917? Does anyone know for sure? 

The old frame church, used as a garage, 1980.

A piece about local Luther Leagues meeting at Zion Chatt, 17 Aug 1917 p.1:

The Luther Leagues of Mercer County and Salamonia, Indiana, will hold their fifth annual convention at Zion’s Church at Chattanooga on Labor Day, Monday, September 3.

[The schedule for the day, beginning at 10:00 a.m., was also printed. Some individuals involved]: Elizabeth Yeager, Salamonia; Mary Siebert, Hopewell; Clara Schroeder, St. Paul, Washington Township; Celina’s choir; Theodore Weinmann, St. Paul Liberty; Fort Recovery choir; Rev. Hugo G. Schmidt, Middletown, O; Rosa Betzel. The event included a basket dinner at noon and an evening lunch and concluded with an evening service at 7:30 p.m.

John Leistner’s obituary, 6 April 1917, p.1:

The Celina Democrat, 6 Apr 1917.

Mrs. Frank Hinton’s obituary, 12 Jan 1917, p.1, 8:

The Celina Democrat, 12 Jan 1917.

Mrs. Otto Wendel’s health update, 12 Jan 1917, p.1:

The Celina Democrat, 12 Jan 1917.

The tragic accident of Walter Brehm, reported 26 Jan 1917, p.8. Sadly, Walter died 2 days later, on 28 January 1917 and is buried at St. Paul UCC Cemetery. Walter Brehm (1895-1917):

The Celina Democrat, 26 Jan 1917.

I will publish more news items from The Celina Democrat in upcoming blog posts.

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