Some Mercer County Deaths, 1850 Mortality Schedule

Last week I wrote about the remarks census taker Willshire Riley made in Mercer County’s 1850 Mortality Schedule. The 1850 Mortality Schedule reported the county deaths of those who died between 1 June 1849 and 31 May 1850, the year prior to census day, which was 1 June 1850.

Mercer County’s 1850 Mortality Schedule consists of 6 pages and includes 177 deaths. Willshire Riley recorded 126 deaths on the first 4 pages, in townships Union, Dublin, Marion, Granville, Butler, Franklin, Jefferson, Hopewell, and Center, and made remarks on each of those pages.

Vincent Bebout recorded 51 deaths the other 2 pages but he did not indicate what townships he recorded. He may have recorded deaths in the remaining five townships, Blackcreek, Liberty, Gibson, Recovery, and Washington. We don’t know.

Since Bebout may have recorded deaths in some of the northern townships, below is his list of Mercer County deaths during the year before the 1850 census was taken. After that I include Dublin and Hopewell Township, as recorded by Riley.  

The information below includes: name, age, marital status if given, where born, month of death, cause of death, number of days ill.

1850 Mortality Schedule, Mercer County, Ohio, p.739:
Barnet, Jacob, 38, Marr, Ger [Germany], Mar, congestion, 8
Barnet, Margt, 34, Wid, Ger, Aug, cholera, 1
Wise, Barbara, 1 mo, OH, Jul, croup, 1
Bushaw, Ann, 1, OH, Apr, fever, 19
Granger, Ann, 2, Eng, May, unknown, 3
Jones, Rachel, 10, OH, Jul, scarlet fever, 5
Jones, Wm, 8, OH, Jul, scarlet fever, 11
Jones, Geo W, 6, OH, Jul, scarlet fever, 11
Doll, John, 37, Marr, Ger, Nov, consumption, 9
Doll, John, 10, OH, Jul, unknown, 8
Doll, Mary Ann, 3, OH, Nov, measles, 8
Doll, Mary, 1, OH, Aug, fits, 8
Doll, Tacia, 1, OH, May, fever, 18
Lotzer, Joseph, 4, OH, Aug, cholera, ½
Follett, Tacia, 31, Ger, Aug, cholera, 1
Downs, Hannah, 2, OH, Aug, scarlet fever, 28

1850 Mortality Schedule, Mercer Co, OH, p739, unknown twp.

1850 Mortality Schedule, Mercer County, Ohio, p.762:
Batcher, Jacob, 1 mo, OH, Jan, fits, 1 hr
Kimmel, Taylor, 1 mo, OH, Feb, croup, 1
Nesley, Christian, 67, (female), Wid, Ger, Feb, old age
Nicholson, Isaac, 43, Marr, PA, Oct, inflammation, 7
Dornet, Stephen, 8 mo, OH, Aug, diarrhea, 30
Adams, Solomon, 2, OH, Nov, croup, 1
Freeman, Ann, 35, Marr, OH, Apr, congestion, 6
Davison, James, 38, Marr, Ireland, Jan, inflammation on brain, 2 ½ mo
Lininger, Mary, 1 mo, OH, Feb, unknown, 1 hr
Dixon, Taylor, 1 mo, OH, Mar, unknown, 1 hr
Wilson, Nancy, 3 mo, OH, Jan, congestion, 8
Herod, Susanna, 2 mo, OH, Mar, fits, 11
Franklin, Francis M, 8 mo, (male) OH, Aug, unknown, 4
Byerley, Jacob, 3, OH, Feb, unknown, 1
Carmack, Cath, 6 mo, OH, Jul, flux, 1
Carmack, Mary E, 2, OH, Jul, scarlet fever, 25
Lawridge, Joseph, 1 mo, OH Mar, croup, 1
Lipps, Sarah, 46, VA, Nov, unknown, 18
Rance, Martha, 3, OH, Sep, liver compt, 8
Painter, Mary, 36, OH, Aug, unknown, 10
Painter, Mary, 3, OH, Feb, scarlet fever, 40
Rockwell, Thos, 2 OH, Mar, scarlet fever, 8
Myers, Henry A, 10 mo, OH, Feb, croup, 1
Ellis, Susanna, 33, Marr, RD, Sep, fever, 2
Myers, Henry A, 9 mo, OH, Mar, croup, 1
Dunwoody, Harrison, 14, OH, Sep, fever, 35
Nickison, Taylor, 1 mo, OH, Jan, croup 1
Adney, John S, 42, Marr, VA, Dec, lung fever, 4
Matthews, Magdaline, 2, OH, Mar, croup, 3
Troutman, Mary, 5, OH, Aug, cholera, 1
Ovelman, Mary, 28, Ger, Aug, cholera, 3
Troutman, Geo, 60, Marr, Ger, Aug, cholera, 1
Troutman, Susan, 58, Marr, Ger, Aug, cholera, 2
Gerger, Mary, 34, Marr, Ger, Aug, cholera, 1
Cramer, Mary, 30, Ger, Aug, cholera, 1

1850 Mortality Schedule, Mercer Co, Ohio, p.762, unknown townships.

1850 Mortality Schedule, Dublin Twp, Mercer County, Ohio, p.737:
Crantz, Elizabeth, 65, NJ, Oct, consumption, 1 mo
Patterson, Wm, 2, OH, Aug, sum compt, 2 mo
Wiley, Ellen C, 1, OH, Oct, cholera, 1/3
Roebuck, Harriet, 6 mo, OH, Jun, liver compt, 9
Hedges, Sarah, 8, OH, Dec, scarlet fever, 9
Moore, Chas, C, 10 mo, OH, Feb, dropsy, 3
Work, Taylor, 6 mo, OH, Jan, C, 6 mo
Chivington, Jos, 6, OH, Jan, winter fever, 7
Gran/Grau, Palmer, 32, Marr, OH, Oct, cholera, 1/3
Dugdale, TG, 26, Marr, OH, Oct, cholera, 6 (physician)

1850 Mortality Schedule, Mercer County, Ohio, p.737, includes Dublin Twp.

1850 Mortality Schedule, Hopewell Twp, Mercer County, Ohio, no page no. [ image 4]:
Hamline, —, 1 mo, (female), OH, May, C, 14
Patterson, 18, VA, Dec, consumption, 1 yr
Updyke, Isaac, 22, OH, Sep, cholera, 3
Updyke, Jacob, 26, OH, Sep, cholera, 1

1850 Mortality Schedule, Mercer County, Ohio, no pg no., includes Hopewell Twp.

These records indicate that there were many deaths of children under a year old. Some families suffered several losses.

Diseases included Cholera, Scarlet Fever, Summer Complaint (diarrhea & high fever), Winter Fever (pneumonia), Consumption (TB; lung disease, wasting away), Flux (dysentery), and Croup (upper airway infection). Most died within a few days.   

Source: 1850 U.S. Mortality Schedule, Mercer County, Ohio, p.739, 762, 737,, viewed 11 Aug 2022.

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