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The Ministers of Zion Lutheran Church, Chattanooga, Ohio (1-6)

Last week Zion Lutheran Church at Chattanooga, Ohio, celebrated its 160th anniversary with a special church service and dinner afterward. During those 160 years Zion has had nearly 30 ministers. Ten years ago, for Zion’s 150th anniversary, I compiled short biographies of Zion’s ministers. The information for these biographies came from the ELCA Archives at …

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J.D. Gackenheimer–Zion Chatt’s First Minister

This week’s Tombstone Tuesday mentioned that George Heffner and Sophia Martin were married by Rev. J.D. Gackenheimer in 1851. Rev. Gackenheimer was a pioneer minister in this area and he was the first minister at Zion Lutheran Church, Chattanooga. Rev. Gackenheimer performed the Heffner/Martin marriage four years before Zion Chatt was formed in 1855 and …

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