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1911 Postcard with Chattanooga Connection

This is an interesting picture postcard, postmarked Rockford, 7 June 1911. The photo on the front is a common picture that I have seen before, labeled St. Mary’s River, Willshire, O.

1951 Bible School, Zion Lutheran, Chatt

Here is a photo I ran across the other day, a 1951 Bible School photo from Zion Lutheran Church in Chatt.

Memories of Zion Chatt’s Choir

Today, an old photo of the choir at Zion Lutheran, Chatt, sometime between 1947-1960.

Architect Designs Building in Chatt, 1904

What building did an architect design in Chattanooga, Ohio, around the turn of the century (1900)?

1915 Confirmation Photo, Zion Lutheran Church, Chattanooga, Ohio

Recently I was thrilled to get a digital copy of an old Zion Chatt confirmation photo that I had not seen before, thanks to Tom and Deb  Reichard. They found this confirmation photo recently while going through some of Betty (Weinman) Reichard’s photos. Betty, Tom’s mother, passed away a few weeks ago. The photo is …

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