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J Jacob Loehr Theological Book, 1865

Last week I featured a picture postcard sent by Nellie Loehr in 1911, postmarked Rockford, Ohio. Nellie and her husband, Rev. Lincoln Luther Loehr, had just arrived in Chattanooga, Ohio. Rev. Loehr was the new pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, Chatt.

1911 Postcard with Chattanooga Connection

This is an interesting picture postcard, postmarked Rockford, 7 June 1911. The photo on the front is a common picture that I have seen before, labeled St. Mary’s River, Willshire, O.

The Ministers of Zion Lutheran, Chattanooga, Ohio (12-14)

This is the third installment of short biographies of the ministers of Zion Chatt since its establishment 160 years ago. The information is from the ELCA Archives at Trinity Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, and from my personal research. Paul Charles Herman Brockhaus was born in Marion, Wisconsin, on 18 October 1880. Both of his parents were born …

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