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Bridesmaid Dresses from the 1950s

A couple weeks ago, while getting out my mom’s wedding dress and veil, I found three other formal dresses that she had saved. I didn’t know if my mom wore them to the prom or if she wore them in weddings.

With a little photo detective work, by looking at her sisters’ wedding photos, I was able to identify where she wore two of the fancy dresses.

The Veil

Last week I posted a photo from my Aunt Esther’s wedding reception, which was held in their family barn east of Willshire.  

Below are more wedding photos of the Schumm sisters, the three daughters of Cornelius L. and Hilda (Scaer) Schumm, my mom and her two sisters, Esther and Amy.

A June Wedding

June is traditionally a popular month for weddings and my aunt and uncle, Esther and Al Krueckeberg, celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago. They married in June of 1951.