The Veil

Last week I posted a photo from my Aunt Esther’s wedding reception, which was held in their family barn east of Willshire.  

Below are more wedding photos of the Schumm sisters, the three daughters of Cornelius L. and Hilda (Scaer) Schumm, my mom and her two sisters Esther and Amy.

Florence (Schumm) & Herbert Miller, 3 December 1950.

Esther (Schumm) & Al Krueckeberg, 10 June 1951.

Amy (Schumm) & Herman Boenker, 4 July 1953.

In addition to the fact that they are wedding photos, do you notice something else the photos all have in common?

It is the veil. All three sisters wore the same veil!

Wedding veil worn by Schumm sisters, 1950-1953.

My mom and dad were married first, on 3 December 1950, the weekend after the big Thanksgiving blizzard. They planned to marry on that Thanksgiving weekend but had to postpone the event for a week due to the blizzard.

Dress & veil worn by Florence (Schumm) Miller, 1950. The beading on the veil and dress match quite nicely.

My mom’s sister Esther married the next year, in June 1951, and their sister Amy was married in July 1953.

My mom purchased the veil for her wedding and her sisters borrowed it for their weddings.

What a nice idea! I never knew about this until my aunt Esther mentioned it a few years ago.

Florence (Schumm) Miller, December 1950, wearing the veil that would later be worn by her sisters.

It is a very pretty veil, which my mom saved all those years. Had I known about this family tradition I may have worn the veil at our wedding. It is actually fancier than my veil was. A missed opportunity… Sigh.

Closeup view of veil worn by Schumm sisters.

My mom also saved her satin wedding dress as well as their wedding cake topper.

Wedding dress, veil, and cake topper from Florence (Schumm) Miller’s wedding, December 1950.

She saved a lot of things and I will share some more of those wedding items soon.


    • Janet Goodwin James on July 10, 2019 at 11:11 pm
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    I love seeing the posts about your Mom and Aunts wedding. I remember all three from school, I guess, even though I graduated in 1960. So nice you have the dress, veil and cake topper. I do alterations from my home and specialize in weddings. Love to make-over gowns that can be used again. Am tearing apart a 30 year old gown now that the daughter wants to wear. It is in good shape and think it will turn out fine. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What a job that must be to make over a wedding gown! You must be a very good seamstress with a good imagination. A couple years back there were a couple TV shows that did the same thing and I always enjoyed watching them. It was interesting to see how they would re-work an old gown. Glad you enjoy the posts and thanks for writing!

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