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Summer 2022 Photos

Warning. This post is not genealogy related. It certainly looks and feels like fall. Where did the summer go? It was a good summer. We kept busy working in the yard, nurtured our pollinator garden, and spent few days in Amish country.  Here are some of my photos from Summer 2022.

Photos Colorized by

Today I am taking a break from Nimrod Headington’s accounts of his voyage from New York to San Francisco in 1852.

The past couple weeks have been trying times for all, as we are all asked to do our part and stay at home to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Joe and I are doing fine here.

From an Old Negative to a Digital Photo

A few weeks ago I found an old negative, 2¼ x 3¼ inches, among some old papers. I could tell there were three people and a tractor in the photo. In the past I have sent negatives away to have them digitized but I wondered if I could do this one myself. I decided to …

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What’s Back There?

Sometimes what you see in the background of a photo is more interesting and informative than what you see in the foreground. You may see the location of items that are no longer standing or things that have been moved. You can see what homes and yards and other buildings looked like years ago. You …

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More Photos From the Barn

Here are a few more photos from the group that I found in the Miller barn a few weeks ago. My Aunt Ruth was able to identify individuals in a few of the photos last weekend. We had quite a discussion about last week’s photo that was labeled Gertrude Brewster Miller. A couple of us …

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