More Photos From the Barn

The new Miller horse trough. Howard Caffee, Ruth, Helen, Em, Carl Miller. (c1925)

Here are a few more photos from the group that I found in the Miller barn a few weeks ago. My Aunt Ruth was able to identify individuals in a few of the photos last weekend.

We had quite a discussion about last week’s photo that was labeled Gertrude Brewster Miller. A couple of us thought the girl in the photo looked like Gertrude’s mother Pearl but Aunt Ruth believes the girl in the photograph is indeed Gertrude. Brian pointed out that the chair Gertrude was sitting in is identical to the chair Augusta Brewster was photographed sitting in. Augusta was born in 1897 and Gertrude was born in 1896. They were close in age and both photographs may have been taken by the same photographer.

The above photo was taken after pouring a horse trough at the Miller farm. The Millers and Caffees were neighbors and Howard’s wife Caroline was my Grandpa Miller’s sister.

Vernon Caffee, son of Howard:

Vernon Caffee (1915-1977)

Ralph and Alpha (Brewster) Derrickson and daughter Pauline. Alpha was Grandma (Gertrude Brewster) Miller’s sister. Aunt Ruth said that Ralph was a very good baseball player:

Ralph and Alpha (Brewster) Derrickson with daughter Pauline. (c1917)

Dorothy (Brewster) Weaver, Grandma (Gertrude Brewster) Miller’s sister:

Dorothy (Brewster) Weaver (1916-2009)

Wesley and Ardella Kallenberger:

Wesley and Ardella Kallenberger. (c1910)

Mike and Maggie (Rueck-Miller) Kallenberger with children Ardella, Wesley and John. Maggie was Grandpa Miller’s half sister. Aunt Ruth remembers that she enjoyed eating pop corn at Aunt Maggie’s. She also said that the Kallenbergers had a Delco system for generating electricity:

Mike and Maggie (Rueck-Miller) Kallenberger with children Ardella, Wesley and John.

Wesley and Minnie (Johnson) Kallenberger with children:

Wesley and Minnie (Johnson) Kallenberger with children Max, Jean LaVonne, baby Donald.

Please let me know if any of you readers have additions or corrections to any of these photos.


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    Looks like a real find.

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