1909 Postcard to Gerty Brewster from Mrs. Wyman

Here is a postcard my Uncle Vernie shared with me some time ago.

1909 postcard to Gerty Brewster from Mrs. Wyman.

It is postmarked from:
Mrs. Wyman
Brecksville, Ohio
11 Oct 1909, 4 p.m.

Miss Gerty Brewster
Geneva, Ind., Route 5

Miss Gerty Brewster was my grandmother Gertrude (Brewster) Miller (1896-1973).

Brecksville, Ohio, is a city in Cuyahoga County, a suburb of Cleveland and also a township in Cuyahoga County.

Written on the back of the postcard:

My dear friend I promised to you a card of my house. It is Mother Wyman & a nephew of mine that stayed with us this Summer & Myself. Mr. W & the pony had gone to Cleveland or would have been on. I have been busy since I came home. Tell your mother I did not see her half as long as I wanted to. Hope when I come again I can stay longer & can have a good long time visit with her. I hope she is well and the Baby good natured and that you will keep well this Winter. Your sincere friend. Mrs. Wyman

1909 postcard to Gerty Brewster from Mrs. Wyman.

My grandma Gertie would have been almost 13 in October 1909. The baby the writer referred would have been my grandma’s younger sister Elva.

I like to look at and read these old postcards and try to figure out who they were from. Unfortunately there just is not enough information on this card to figure out who Mrs. Wyman was.

I did a few Internet marriage searches with a few family names but I did not come up with any Wyman-related marriages.

I do not know of any Wymans in our family history. I searched for Wymans in Cuyahoga County in the 1900 census but there were quite a number of them and without a given name I did not know who I was looking for.

Perhaps Mrs. Wyman was a teacher and lived in Indiana for a time.

I searched through all of Brecksville Township in the 1910 census but I did not find any Wymans there, in what was a very German and Polish community.

I would guess that Mother Wyman is the lady in the rocker and the younger girl standing by her is Mrs. Wyman, maybe married to Mother Wyman’s son. Maybe. It sounds like the writer came to Indiana to visit Gertie’s mother Pearl. That would have been quite a trip back in 1909, traveling from Cleveland to Geneva, Indiana.

I just do not have enough information to try to determine who sent the card.  Maybe someday I will figure it out.



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