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Darrel “Pete” Brewster’s 1954 Browns Football Contract

It is nearly the middle of October. The weather is cooler, the days are shorter, the leaves are turning color and falling to the ground, and it is football season. And football often causes me to think of my first cousin twice removed, Darrel Pete Brewster (1930-2020), a professional football player over 60 years ago, who once played for the Cleveland Browns and eventually earned a Super Bowl ring.

Photos of Jess Burgess Brewster Family

Today, a few more photos from the James Henry Brewster branch of the family. James Henry Brewster moved his family to Independence, Kansas, about 1884, where he was a successful building contractor.

James Henry Brewster Home, Independence, Kansas

Today Karen’s Chatt travels virtually to Montgomery County, Kansas, to the once grand home of James Henry Brewster. His home is often referred to as a mansion by family members.

The Passing of Darrel “Pete” Brewster

Sadly, earlier this week I read about the passing of Darrel “Pete” Brewster, professional football legend and one of my distant cousins.

Darrel Burton Brewster, later nicknamed Pete, was born in 1930 in Adams County, Indiana, and grew up in Portland, Indiana, where he excelled and basketball and football.

Tombstone Tuesday for Memorial Day

Today, some Memorial Day cemetery photos.