Photos of Jess Burgess Brewster Family

Today, a few more photos from the James Henry Brewster branch of the family. James Henry Brewster, the brother of my great-great grandfather Daniel Brewster, moved his family to Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas, about 1884, where he was a successful building contractor. A big thank you to Joan for sharing these family photos.

The first photo is the James Henry Brewster home near Independence, Kansas. The photo was taken on the Fourth of July, year unknown, but it looks like it could have been taken around the turn of the century. It appears the men are trying to erect a tall flagpole or wave a large flag on a tall pole. This was a patriotic family, as James Henry and his brother Daniel both served in the Civil War. Several weeks ago I posted some photos of this same home, sometimes referred to as the Brewster mansion. Notice the beautiful front porch and the gazebo off to the side.

James Henry Brewster home, Independence, KS, Fourth of July.

Joan descends from James Henry Brewster’s son Jesse Burgess Brewster (1873-1944). Jesse Burgess Brewster, like his father James Henry, was also a building contractor and mason.  

Jesse Burgess Brewster (1873-1944)

Jesse Burgess Brewster married Della Floy Buckles (1876-1971) in Coffeyville, Kansas, in 1900.

Jesse Burgess Brewster, wife Della Floy (Buckles), children Marvin Carl & Sharlin.

Jesse Burgess Brewster family.

Jesse Burgess and Della Floy Brewster had five children. Joan descends from their oldest child, Marvin Carl Brewster (1904-1979). Marvin Carl married Dorothea Scovell in 1923 and they were Joan’s grandparents.

Marvin Carl Brewster high school year book photo.

Jesse Burgess and Della Floy (Buckles) Brewster had the following children:
Marvin Carl Brewster (1904-1979), married Dorothea Scovell
Sharlin Frances Brewster (1907-1977), married Wayne Harris; Robert Sayers
Dorothy Floy Brewster (1908-2006), married Ray Hendricks
Leonard Jean Brewster (1913-1934)
Mary Zilphah (1918-1918)

Below, a family gathering of Brewsters. Joan’s grandparents (Marvin Carl & Dorothea Brewster), second row, second couple from left. I wonder who everyone else was and what the occasion was?

Marvin Carl Brewster & wife Dorothea (Scovell), row 2, left, second couple.

Jesse Burgess Brewster home, 122 Locust, Independence, KS, c1930.

A couple four-generation family photos:

4 Generations: Della Floy (Buckles) Brewster (27); holding Marvin Carl Brewster (6 wks); Sarah Catherine (Dick) Buckles (51); Gulaelma (Beeson) Dick (83).

4 Generations: Richard Jess Brewster, Lilia Brewster, Marvin Carl, 2 of Marvin Carl’s grandchildren.

Dorothea (Scovell) Brewster, son Richard Jess Brewster, Lilia Brewster.

Lilia (1884-1967) in the above photos was Jesse Burgess Brewster’s second wife.

A big thank you to Joan for sharing these wonderful photos and providing some Brewster information about her branch of the family. I am always excited to receive and share family information and photos.


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    Love the pictures. Thank you.

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