Tombstone Tuesday–Otto A. & Eva R. (Wise) Brandt

Otto & Eva (Wise) Brandt, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. (2011 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Otto Arthur and Eva Rose (Wise) Brandt, located in row 10 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Mercer County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:


Eva R.
Rev. 3:20

Otto A.
Genesis 5:24

Otto Arthur Brandt was born 3 February 1874 in Blackcreek Township, Mercer County, Ohio, the son of Ludwig/Louis and Margaretha/Margaret (Heffner) Brandt. His father was born in Dietzhausen, Prussia, and his mother in Mercer County, Ohio.  Otto was baptized 8 April 1874 with his parents serving as his sponsors.

The Louis Brandt household in Blackcreek Township in 1880: Lewis, 40; Margaret, 33; Matilda, 14; Gusta A, 12; Otto A, 6; Henry R, 4; and Benjamin, 2. Lewis Brandt was a farmer. [1]

Otto Brandt’s mother Margaret died in June 1889, less than a year before his confirmation. She was only 42 years old. Otto was confirmed at Zion Chatt on Palm Sunday, 30 March 1890. His father Louis married Maria Schulz on 5 December 1895 and they had three children together, Louis, Emil, and Margaret, Otto’s half-siblings.

The Louis Brandt family still resided on the Blackcreek Farm in 1900: Louis, 60; Marie S, 33; Otto A, 26; Benjamin F, 21; Mary L, 19; Clarence S, 16; Carroll R, 11; Lewis EJ, 2; Frederick E, 1 month; and Sophia Schulz, 56, Marie’s mother. This enumeration indicates that Louis and Marie had been married 4 years and that she had had 2 children. It also indicates that Louis immigrated in 1855 and that Maria and her mother immigrated in 1892. [2] 

Otto Brandt married Eva Rosine/Rose Wise on 4 March 1903 in Van Wert County. At the time of their marriage Otto lived in Mercer County and Eva lived in Harrison Township. Otto was a farmer and was 29 years old. Eva was 24. They were married by Rev. Karl Wyneken. [3]

Eva Wise was the daughter of Simon and Lena (Storm) Wise and was born 24 March 1879 in Marysville, Union County, Ohio. Zion Chatt’s records indicate that she was confirmed at St. John Church, Union County, on 26 March 1893. Her parents’ marriage record indicates that her father’s surname was spelled Weiss and that he was from Union County, Ohio, and Lena was from Van Wert County. [4]

Eva Wise lived with her parents in Van Wert County in 1900. The Wise household in 1900: John C, 49; Magdalena, 42; Eva R, 21; Oswald, 18; Louis, 15; Leonard, 13; and Louisa M, 5. Other records indicate Eva’s father’s name was Simon. This enumeration indicates that he was born in Germany, immigrated in 1872, and was a farmer. Magdalena was born in Ohio. John [Simon] and Magdalena married in 1878 and she had given birth to 8 children and 5 were living. [5]

The Otto Brandt household in 1910: Otto A, 36; Eva R, 34; Ester M, 5; Carl L, 3; Wilbur C, 0; and William Riches, 20. The family lived on what was called Brandt Pike, south of Willshire in Blackcreek Township, where Otto was a farmer. [6]

The Otto Brant family in 1920: Otto, 45; Eva, 40; Esther, 15; Carl, 12; Bernice, 7; Herbert, 5;, and Louise, 1. Otto was a general farmer and they lived very close to Otto’s stepmother and step-siblings, Marie, Louis, Emil, and Gretchen. Although the enumeration indicates Marie was married, her husband Louis [and Otto’s father] died in 1905. [7]

The Otto Brandt family remained on the same farm for the next two decades. Their household in 1940: Otto A, 66; Eva R, 61; Herbert W, 24; Clayton O Baumgardner, 63; Simon Wise, 89. Otto and Herbert farmed. Clayton Baumgardener was a hired farm hand and Simon Wise was Eva’s  widowed father. [8] 

Otto Arthur Brandt died at his home 3 miles south of Willshire on route 49 in Blackcreek Township on 14 September 1952 at the age of 78 years, 7 months, and 11 days. He died of a coronary thrombosis which he had two hours prior caused by arteriosclerosis heart disease which he had for 10 years. Zion Chatt’s records indicate that he had paralysis on his left side since 8 September. M.J. Osborn signed his death certificate and his son Carl Brandt was the informant for the information on his death certificate. Arrangements were handled by Zwick and Otto was buried on 17 September. He was survived by his wife Eva, sons Carl and Herb, daughters Mrs. Omer Havens, Mrs. Charles Schell, and Mrs. Dean Baughman, brothers Rev. Dr. B.F. Brandt and Carl, half brothers Louis and Emil, a sister Mrs. Harvey Altenbend, and a half sister Mrs. [Margaret] Stanton Dailey. [9] [10]

Eva (Wise) Brandt died of a heart attack at 6:00 p.m. on 12 December 1958, at the age of 79 years, 8 months, and 18 days. She was buried on the 15th and she chose Rev 3:20 as her funeral text. She was survived by survived by three daughters, Mrs. (Owen) Esther Havens, Mrs. (Charles) Bernice Schell, and Mrs. Dean Baughman; 2 sons, Carl L. and Herbert W.; a brother Lewis Wise; a sister Mrs. Earl Dennis [?]. One son [Wilbur Clarence] preceded her in death.

Eva’s death record indicates that she died at their home 3 miles south of Willshire on 49, in Van Wert County, although their home was actually in Mercer County. Her cause of death was shown as coronary thrombosis which she had had for 2 hours, with 5 years of atherosclerotic heart disease as a contributing factor. Son Herbert Brandt was the informant for the information on his mother’s death certificate. VOID is stamped on her Van Wert County death certificate with this handwritten notation: This certificate was filed in the incorrect county. Mailed to Mrs. Jean Rawers, Registrar, Mercer County. Dated 1/8/59. Signed David Adler Jones. Her death certificate was also signed by Dr. M.J. Osborn and Zwick was in charge of the arrangements. [11]

Eva (Wise) Brandt

Otto and Eva (Wise) Brandt had the following children:
Esther Laura Maria (1905-2000), married Omer M. Havens
Carl Louis (1906-2000), married Mabel Emely Morrison
Wilbur Clarence (1909-1914)
Bernice May (1912-2008), married Charles W. Shell
Herbert Wilson (1914-2014), married Anna Fahncke
Miriam Louisa (1918-2003), married Dean V. Baughman


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