Tombstone Tuesday–Jacob and Regina Rueck

Jacob and Regina Rueck, Aurora Cemetery, Marion County, Oregon

This is the tombstone of Jacob and Regina (Gross) Rueck. This grave marker is located in Section C of Aurora Cemetery, Marion County, Oregon. The grave marker is inscribed: RUECK, Jacob, Dec. 24, 1828-Jan. 23, 1918, Father; Regina, July 22, 1833-Feb. 8, 1889, Mother.

I am not sure when this tombstone photo was taken. You can tell it is old by looking at the vehicles in the background. This is the only photograph that I have of Jacob and Regina’s tombstone and it came from my great-aunt Clara (Miller) Reef. Clara was Jacob and Regina’s granddaughter and was the youngest child of Jacob and Christine (Rueck) Miller. Christine lived with Clara for several years before she died.

Also buried in Section B of Aurora Cemetery are Carl Rueck (1872-1933), Jacob Rueck (1857-1935), Jacob L. Rueck (1868-1941), Regina Rueck (1870-1951). Carl and Jacob [Jr] were brothers and Jacob L. and Regina were husband and wife. Regina was also the sister of Carl and Jacob [Jr].

Jacob (1828-1918) and Regina (Gross) Rueck (1833-1889)

Jacob and Regina (Gross) Rueck and their immediate family immigrated to America from Württemberg about 1880. Their family consisted of Johann George (1856-1925, married Mary Clowser), Jacob Jr. (1857-1935), Christina (1858-1945, married Jacob Miller), Friedrich (1860-1824, married Mary Prollock), Catherine “Katie” (1866-1955, married Dietrich Harms), David (1868-1956), Regina (1870-1951, married Jacob Rueck), and Carl (1872-1933). Jacob Jr, David, and Carl never married. Christine lived in Ohio, Fred lived in Oklahoma and the rest lived in Oregon.

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